100 boys under 25 of
400 guys total

hunters party

dance cruising fetish party
About party
Next event — 5, January at Central Station MSK (entrance through the VODA sauna). We combined the club format and cruising. DJs and hot dancers will entertain you the whole night. Music — House for Dance Session, Techno for Dark Time when the maze decoration is lowered onto the main dance floor and the club enters the Dark Room mode after a special sound signal.
Entrance until 09:00pm. The cost is subject to the Dress Code — 1000r. Free admission for guys under 25. Condoms are available in free access, lubricant dispensers and paper towels can be found at the places of activity. Bottoms come prepared. FC, DC fetish style.
About the club
Central Station Moscow club together with the VODA sauna, combining the space of the club and the sauna, opens its doors to the participants of the Hunters Party


⚠️ 18+ only. Valid identity is necessary for admission discount.

⤴️ Condoms are available in free access, lubricant dispensers and paper towels can be found at the places of activity. Additional Safe Box with lubricant, 3 condoms and a wallet for cash and cards is available at the entrance for 250 rubles only.

🚺 HUNTERS PARTY is a men only event!

🆙 Cruising zone with comfortable sofas can be found on the main dance floor. Access granted from the very opening of the club regardless of the Dark Time. Special interior elements: a motorcycle right on the dance floor, truck tires, black metal barrels, sports mats, wooden pallets, exercise equipment are ready for play and fun. The stage is transformed to boxing ring 😉

🆙 Play Room with slings and separate cabins are available on the third floor 😉

ℹ️ The separate entrance to the party is organized through the VODA sauna located in the same building. If necessary, you can take a shower before you start. We recommend to take your personal slippers for the sauna and sneakers or shoes (as a fetish attribute) for the club. Club entrance photo

ℹ️ At the entrance to the sauna you will receive a towel and disposable bracelet which is mandatory for the participants. You can take a glowing bracelet that matches your role preferences. All guests can change their clothes in a specially designated sauna area and put them in a plastic bag under unique number. For an additional fee of 400 rubles you can purchase a more convenient sauna locker with direct access at any time.

ℹ️ It is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones and take photo and video shooting. You can leave your phone in the cloakroom, in the sauna locker or in the safe cell.

ℹ️ After 04:00am the main dance floor is closed for re-enter. Guests may continue to relax in the sauna. Its operating time is extended by 1 hour to 05:00. Party and sauna’s guests can freely move between the areas during the party.

ℹ️ For safety reasons it is necessary to change your clothes and shoes in order to move between club and sauna areas.

ℹ️ The lounge area on the second floor of the BLACK ROOM (main dance floor) will be transformed to the PLAY ROOM format with slings.

ℹ️ Standard admission rules are applicable until 11:00pm. After this time the full price ticket is available for minimum 1500 rubles, youngers under 25 are welcome for 500 rubles, and others in fetish style — 1200 rubles. The main idea of the policy is to bring all the guys together at the same time.

ℹ️ The guards will not patrol the club unless there are any abnormal situations. They will also not enter the cruising zone and the main dance floor unless somebody violates the party rules.

ℹ️ A special party information guide man can be found at the entrance at any time.

ℹ️ It should be noted that the party time is shifted relative to the usual night club parties, as this is a mixed dance party with cruising where a slightly different audience prevails and not everyone is ready to hang out all night. This is why we come to the party before the usual club time. Recommend entrance time — 10:00 pm. Hot Video, go-go dancers, special dancers and naked dancers — till 23:00. Changes to the party program are possible until 23:00. The DJ is on the air until 06:00, and then passive music plays in the club. Guests can freely move between the club and the sauna. The sauna’s operating time is increased by 1 hour, until 06:00. Bank cards are accepted at the entrance and at the bar.

⚠️ Please do not take any valuables (jewels, gold and currency) with you in the cruising zone, because of loss or theft probability. Bank cards are preferred for payment

⚠️ If you still have questions, you can ask them in the public Telegram chat Hunters Party Chat.

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